Payments & Disbursements

Our disbursement/payable services employ both electronic and traditional disbursement methods that allow you to distribute your funds quickly, predictably, and cost-effectively.

ACH is an ideal way to transfer funds from your accounts. It’s a good tool for businesses that want to increase control over the disbursement process and reduce expenses associated with disbursements. Use ACH credits to disburse various types of payment, including payroll, expenses, taxes, dividends, and retirement benefits – with payment automatically credited to your payees’ accounts on a pre-established date. It reduces the cost of cutting, mailing, and tracking paper checks.

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Improve productivity and control by concentrating your funds into a single account while benefiting from the flexibility of multiple disbursement/collection accounts. Many companies use multiple disbursement accounts for accounting purposes and audit control. It eliminates forecasting and funding guesswork of disbursement accounts as well as idle balances.

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Initiate domestic and international wire transfers quickly and easily using Business Internet Banking.

Our Business Internet Banking with Positive Pay can reduce your company’s exposure to check fraud and offers detailed reporting options including paid and/or outstanding items to help you reconcile your checks.

Receive detailed information (amount and check number) for each item that will be paid from your checking account in the morning. With your daily disbursement details, you can accurately anticipate your daily funding requirements. This will allow you to effectively manage the use of your funds and take advantage of investment opportunities or to reduce debt.

To learn more about our disbursement services, please call (213) 687-1370 or your local Far East National Bank branch.