Zero Balance Accounting

Concentrate your funds into a single account and benefit from the flexibility of multiple disbursement accounts with Zero Balance Accounting.

Many companies require multiple disbursement accounts for accounting purposes and audit control. The ZBA automated service provides you with an efficient means of cash flow between multiple disbursement and collection accounts.

Your benefits:

  • Eliminates forecasting and funding guesswork of disbursement accounts.
  • Improves funds control and productivity.
  • Eliminates risk of overdrafts resulting from inaccurate forecasts.
  • Provides individual disbursement autonomy.
  • Improves accounting audit control.
  • Eliminates idle balances in disbursement accounts.

Zero Balance Accounting Service operates as follows:

Funds are maintained in a master concentration account. The disbursing, or subsidiary, accounts begin each day with a zero balance. As checks are presented for payment, a debit balance builds in each subsidiary account. At the close of each business day, an offsetting credit is automatically generated to move funds from the master concentration account into the subsidiary accounts, bringing them back to a zero balance. Each Zero Balance Account and master account receives a detailed monthly statement identifying all daily transfer and disbursement activity.