Personal Time Deposit Accounts / CDs

Our Time Deposit accounts are great savings vehicles with flexible rates and terms based on your goal.

AccountRegular CDTriple Option CD
We have an account to fit your needs A savings vehicle with fixed rates and terms A flexible CD with multiple features
Minimum opening deposit $1,000 $10,000
Terms 15 days to 60 months 12 months
Features and benefits
  • Short- or long-term savings
  • Fixed rate
  • One-time rate adjustment1
  • One-time penalty-free withdrawal1
  • Additional multiple deposits1

Refer to our Deposit Agreement and Personal Account Disclosures & Fee Schedule for the complete terms and conditions of our accounts. Other miscellaneous fees may apply.

1. Refer to our Personal Account Disclosures & Fee Schedule for more information about these features.

PDF Click here for our current deposit rates.