InterContinental Financial Services

InterContinental Financial Services

InterContinential Financial Services™ (ICFS) is a special service provided to our customers. The purpose is to provide services to satisfy customers' banking needs in Taiwan, Hong Kong, other Asian countries and the United States. Our staffs at both Far East National Bank and Bank SinoPac will provide updated banking service information at any time, and offer the most courteous and professional services at your request.

Our staff will assist you in managing your Far East National Bank (FENB) account(s), including facilitation in withdrawals, deposits, wire transfers, and credit cards.

Our rapid confirmation of transactions provides comfort and peace of mind.

A consolidated statement can be provided monthly and sent to an address you specify.

Any consumer or a business that has an existing account with Bank SinoPac. Please contact an ICFS Specialist for more details of account opening requirements.

  • Parents abroad, who have children studying or planning to study in the USA
  • New immigrants to the USA, or those planning to immigrate to the USA
  • Individuals planning for asset globalization.
  • Individuals or corporations conducting business transactions between Taiwan and the USA
  • Individuals or corporations who wish to diversify their investments while reducing the risk in foreign exchange.
  • Individuals or corporations who wish to earn high interest on time deposits at FENB
  • FENB will not impose any fee charges, if certain minimum deposit balances are maintained, on wire transfer service from FENB to Bank SinoPac or from Bank SinoPac to FENB.
  • 24-Hour Banking Services with free telephone banking and eBanking (without BillPay)
  • Cash Management services
  • Treasury products*
    *Non-deposit treasury products offered by Far East National Bank are not FDIC insured, are not guaranteed by any bank, and may lose value.
  • Bank SinoPac (BSP) acquired Far East National Bank (FENB) in August 1997
  • FENB is a U.S. bank wholly owned by BSP